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arjay arjay at bcpl.net
Tue Oct 28 06:43:38 SGT 2003


It's my understanding that on the second Saturday of every month there is a 
dumpster provided (Is that program still in operation?) at rotating locations 
in CV.  One may call 410-235-4411 (CVCBD) and checkout the exact location for 
that month several days prior if you have anything to deposit.

Make the call also to find out if that program is still in operation.


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>I think DPW put it down on the wrong date and the
>wrong location (didn't they do that the last time,
>too?). But, if it makes you feel better, absolutely
>nobody that I've talked to was expecting it to be
>--- jdy <jberlin at bcpl.net> wrote:
>> does anyone know why many people in the community
>> did NOT KNOW there was a
>> 'dumpster' at abel and 30th sts this
>> sat,10/25/03???? i was told by the dpw
>> worker, who was attempting to remove the dumpster
>> that it was there for the
>> community cleanup. what cleanup? wasn't that last
>> week? was this dumpster
>> just for use by a select few????
>> judy
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