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Charlene293 at aol.com Charlene293 at aol.com
Mon Feb 2 18:59:53 SGT 2004

dawna (right? dawna?)
can thank you enough for tip on charles villagr newletter! just what i 
wanted, needed, helpfuletc. tahts your chat column? good! i actually think i can 
help you with one question, the city is putting in those retro lamps. i spoke 
with a pam filson or wilsey on 26th st where there are a bunch and she saidit was 
speeded up for that street becase of her civic group, the charles village 
civic azssn(?) i have noticed the village learning place in the next block south 
becase of newletter; might not have otherwise. thanks again for tip! know a 
good real estate agent whos willing to help commuter to DC? anyone?
charlene ostrovsky "charsky"
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