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Charlene293 at aol.com Charlene293 at aol.com
Mon Feb 2 18:59:52 SGT 2004

crystal, right?
my family lived on union ave nr the coll. central park is farther from the 
river than union coll. 
yes, ive been to "pub" (yes,looks like a pub) but not the " rocky run", and 
will look for paper moon on 29th when im walkng . ive also mnaged to find thai 
restarant on greenmount ave, great food! and saw new friend i know! also a 
couple of eateres on chalres south of train staton.
thanks for you/r hints as i try to find out and poke around here asap 
actually being new i've been sent gotten more nice messages from this chat list than 
i ecpected!

please eveyrone ber with me; i have writing disordr but i think im 
understanable; i speak much better belive me!
charlene ostrovsky "charsky"
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