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There are a couple of apartments for rent on my block
of Guilford Ave that you might want to check out. One
is at 3038 Guilford and it is offered by Warren Duffy
(spelling?) at 410-332-1037. The second is a 2nd floor
one bedroom apartment which has been fixed up pretty
nicely by the current tenants. The current tenants
need to sublet for a few months because they are
buying their own home. If interested, please contact

The third is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath place which
encompasses the 1st floor and basement. Hopefully, two
or three teachers/grad students/studious undergrads
will rent it. The contact is a 2900 block Guilford
neighbor, Alan Niedermayer (spelling?), 410-338-0421. 

In my earlier note I forgot to mention the Thir-tea
First Street Tea Room! It's near the corner of 31st
Street and Barclay. I've had breakfast there a bunch
of times. The food is really good and the folks are
really nice. It's a little more expensive than, say, a
chain like Denny's, but the food is much better



--- Christine Gray <Langwidge at erols.com> wrote:
> Charsky,
> The CVCA meeting was canceled; that's the Charles
> Village Civic Association.
> Consider checking out CV more before moving.  It's a
> very neat neighborhood.
> Christine
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> thahnks for tips and info.
> here in charls village for six mnths minimum.
> with friend in mt vernon area am looking at apts
> there.
> also reservior hill and fells point also.
> corgi? breed? albert? cute. many dogs in charles
> village for surre!
> what is civic assn that was candeled for Jan 28?
> charlene ostrovsky "charsky"

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