[Chat] restaurant in Mt. Vernon

arjay arjay at bcpl.net
Fri Feb 13 16:44:28 SGT 2004


Do you mean Tampico Mexican Grill?

Go to:

www.sunspot.net (Sunpapers on the Internet)

click at lower left border: Restaurants

on Restaurants page, upper right search in type of food and pick "Mexican", 
...and search in location for "Mt. Vernon" and pick!

Then read the little write-up about it.

I haven't been there yet, but now that you've mentioned it, ...I might be able 
to tell you all about it shortly.

Regards, Arjay

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>Has anyone been to the recently opened Mexican restaurant (I forget its
>name) at Charles & Biddle, across from Thai Landing?  Any reviews?
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