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Wed Feb 25 11:20:35 SGT 2004

Hello friends, 

Lately it has come to my ears through the DC rumor mill that the draft apparatus will be fully funded in FY 2005. Generally, something isn't fully funded unless there is an intent to use it.

In addition, there are proposals floating around to draft women, to increase the draft age above 30, and to draft college graduates, especially those with computer expertise. If you thought you were safe, you could be wrong.

So, I thought it might be a good time to re-send the info on Conscientious Objectors, in case you or someone you care about wishes to go on record as a CO. There are quite a lot of sites out there, but this one is still the best that I've seen: http://www.nisbco.org/What_Do_I.htm .

I spoke with a fellow yesterday who warned that applying for CO status is very tricky, since if you say that you would make an exception to fight against Hitler, your application could be denied.  

However, it is possible to apply for CO status even while in the military, http://girights.objector.org/ . It is also possible to get out of the "Delayed Enlistment Program," if you sign up and then change your mind. Here's one story of someone who got out with an honorable discharge, http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/6181/applic.htm

Here's the page on CO from the Selective Service's Official Website, http://www.sss.gov/FSconsobj.htm .

Another site that had some interesting info is http://www.draftresistance.org/ . One page says "The minute we force people into military service, we lose what we are fighting for. So don't register!" Although the site does mention that this action is still illegal. 



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