[Chat] Read this and tell me honestly, should I come to Baltimore?

Christine Gray Langwidge at erols.com
Wed Feb 25 17:02:56 SGT 2004

Baltimore is, to me, the best city in the US.

It's a real city with city problems.

But the city is manageable.  It has neighborhoods and texture and it's near
the beach, the mountains, DC, and New York, which is a four-hour train ride.

We have a symphony, the visual arts museum, the national aquarium, the
Walters Art Museum, The Baltimore Museum of Art, an opera and lots of bands
and literary stuff.  Hopkins alone has many things going on.

I would not live in another US city.

It's not Manhattan, but it's not trying to be.

Christine Gray

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Hi, I saw your post asking about Baltimore on the Craig's List
page http://baltimore.craigslist.org/rnr/24664157.html .

I think it's a great city.  Let me address specifically your points
about bands, poetry and films.  Baltimore is pretty good for
all of these.  I live in the neighborhood called Charles Village.
There is an active indy music scene in Baltimore.  The Ottobar
on Howard has bands all the time:

http://www.theottobar.com/ .

Poetry: there are several literary and creative associations in
Baltimore.  The Lite Circle is one.

http://www.toadmail.com/~litecirc-literary/index.htm .

For independent films, you can't beat The Charles Theater:

http://www.thecharles.com/ .

Hope this helps,


Emil Volcheck
Baltimore, Maryland

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