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Greg Alexander ugagrad93 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 1 23:16:26 EDT 2004

He's a big NRA freak.

--- Christine Gray <Langwidge at erols.com> wrote:
> Dale, I've never heard of Dave Kopel.
> Is he a crackpot?
> Christine 
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> On Jul 1, 2004, at 9:06 PM, Christine Gray wrote:
> > http://www.davekopel.com/Terror/Fiftysix-Deceits-in-Fahrenheit-911.htm
> Another Dave Kopel pursuit of self-validation.
> Michael Moore left out a LOT of info, but the content he chose to put
> into his film cut straight to the point. There are tons of related
> tangents and sub-plots he could have followed, but in the 122 minutes
> he limited himself to, he chose wisely.
> Who cares what the "FLORIDA VICTORY" sign in back of Gore in the
> opening scene implied. It was there. It was real. It's a sign that any
> candidate would have up to rally the supporters.
> Who cares about David Kopel trying to invalidate Moore's critique of
> Bush's inaction in the minutes after 9am on 9/11 ... by including the
> opinion of some school teacher? If I were Bush, having already been
> told one plane had hit the towers, and then another followed, I would
> have excused myself politely but purposefully from the children and
> gotten on the matter. This in-the-moment image-making is high
> school-level stupidity.
> In David's other rebuttals, he throws them out as-is without any
> tangible bibliography.
> "Moore is wrong because so-and-so said this to the contrary." Well,
> that's great. How are we supposed to know so-and-so actually said that.
> /dale
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