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Emily Chalmers echalmers at mindspring.com
Wed Jul 28 16:35:53 EDT 2004

I went to see this gigantic box the other night and was overwhelmed, and
not pleasantly. For me, it is just too big, and I continue to question the
wisdom of putting these giant (no un intended) boxes into city areas. It
also doesn't seem to me to offer any great price savings, and one could
waste a lot of time just getting from point A to point B. Although the
store may be useful for people in the  vicinity and directly north and
east, I won't go there unless dire necessity forces me--I'll stick with the
Safeway. It;'s big, but at least I don't feel like I need a bicycle to
navigate it. Better yet, I'll shop at Eddie's. 

I hope people won't give up on the Safeway. That company was willing to
come here before the housing prices went up, and the store has done a lot
to try to improve its selection in recent months. I've shopped at Safeways
in city areas for years and have appreciated the fact that the chain at
least is somewhat willing to site stores in diverse areas. 

That's all for now--gotta go drop my film off at the Safeway.

Emily Chalmers
echalmers at mindspring.com
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> Joel and I went to Giant this morning, after a hearty breakfast at
> Pete's Grille.  Giant has carts for sale for $25 so that you can
> transport your groceries home (we plan to walk rather than drive).  As
> many have noted, the store is very busy with lots of people and little
> parking spots available, but I chalk that up to the fact that it's
> opening weekend and everyone wants to see the new store.
> The produce section bigger than Safeway, with better selection.  In
> fact, the seafood section, hot foods section, butcher, bakery, and
> floral shop are all bigger than Safeway with more choices.  The store
> overall is about the same size as Safeway.  The front end does have a
> crowded feel, but the individual check-out lanes are a good length and
> there were lots of lanes open.
> The store hours are 6:00am-midnight Monday through Saturday and I think
> it closes at 10:00 on Sunday.  These are definitely welcome hours for
> those nights when we have to work late in DC.
> Cheers,
> Sarah
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> Has anyone been to the new Giant in Waverly?
> John
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