[Chat] If you are on the town Friday, Oct. 22

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Fri Oct 22 01:02:18 EDT 2004

If you are on the town tomorrow night, Friday, that is,  Oct 22, why not drop 
by School 33 Art Center, at 1427  Light Street, (past the Inner Harbor and 
past the Cross Street Market)  for a wine and dine reception for the artists  
taking part in the Open Studio Tour. 
And on this Saturday and Sunday, October 23rd and 24th you  will see the 
usual miraculous transformation of my studio from work  mode to party mode.  Open  
Studio starts Saturday at 12 noon at which  time I may still be tweaking the 
studio time honored rat's nests for any  aesthetic rationalizations I can 
find.  As usual we will have a  food spread mostly gotten from Trinacria - hope 
you  like ricotta and green olives. Wine and beer will make it  all okay.  Bring 
instruments, there are acoustic possibilities in my studio  as well as a few 
other studios in the building.  
Sunday will be a little different since I have scheduled a model session  
where participants in the Weekend Figure Group will be working from Mia playing  
the guitar.  That will run from 10:30 to 3:30.  Open Studio starts at  12 noon 
so those coming on Sunday will be able to hear some classical guitar  music 
(and music practice) as well as see some artists working.  I'll be  working too 
but will make sure my hosting duties are carried out.  Maps of  the various 
studios open in the area will be available.  The station north  area has a lot 
of studios.
My studio is located at 1601 N. Guilford, with the entrance at 302  East 
Federal Street.  Take N. Calvert from downtown, go one block  past Mt. Royal Ave. 
and hang a right at Federal street.  Go one block and  park.  You'll see round 
red signs with 33 on them signifying School 33 open  studio sites.  
See you Friday, and/or Saturday, and/or Sunday or and not.


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