[Chat] Marathon --You guys ROCK!

Kathleen Wilsbach kwilsbach at speakeasy.net
Wed Oct 20 20:34:22 EDT 2004

I want to compliment John Spurrier, John Fink, and the rest
of the crazy crowd on the 3000 block of Guilford who cheered
on the Baltimore Marathon runners in real style.  For those
of you who didn't make it to the party, John Spurrier set up
his DJ equipment on Val and Ed's porch to play energetic music
to help the runners on their 23rd mile.  John Fink was out
there with a microphone telling everyone they were "looking strong!"
and giving runners a high five.  Some even got a hug!

It was great to see some of those exhausted people perk up
and find the energy to YMCA and do the Twist.  Amazing.
Some were too exhausted to do  more than smile but you could
tell they really appreciated what was being done to cheer them on.

It showed those runners what a bunch of fun loving and friendly
folks live here in Charles Village.  We've got spirit!

Kathleen Wilsbach

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