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Thu Jun 2 02:11:59 EDT 2005

Blankwho do u suggest i return the money to? no identification with it. 
what's your address? i'll put the word out.
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  I would hope that you would try to find out whose garbage you were rifling and return the money to that person. 

  I personally have no problem with people picking up visible items left outside as trash--if no one wants that banged-up table and I can use it in my yard, so be it. But I have a BIG problem with people who "pick" through small trash, since what you call trash picking is one way people steal identities. Not everyone is careful enough about what goes into the trash, and people intent on stealing identies will rifle trash looking for credit card bills, bank statements, and other identifying numbers. 

  Thus, if I saw you or anyone else picking through my trash, I would be very angry, would chase you off, and might in some circumstances call the cops. I have certainly called neighbors when I have seen people going through their trash.

  Again, I hope you will try to return the money. 


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  to all you folks who look down on us alley shoppers,
  i got a real bargain yesterday. $125.00 stuffed in a pencil box. in the same aisle was a small Tupperware container overflowing with pennies and some foreign coins. 
  sorry-- sale is over. 

  :~) judy


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