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Stephen J Gewirtz gewirtz at bellatlantic.net
Mon Jun 6 09:08:46 EDT 2005

I had the problem a few years ago.  The first time, I found the anthill 
and poured lots of boiling water on it.  That got rid of the ants that 
year (but I have since read that it is very damaging to the soil).

When the ants came back the next year, boiling water did not work.  But 
I bought some Combat ant traps that were designed to go outside (with 
plastic stakes).  That got rid of the ants that year.

They came back again another year, and I found the anthill next door 
(while my neighbor was out of the country), and I put Combat in her yard 
and got rid of the ants.

Since then, I have not seen Combat outdoor ant traps (I forget what was 
on the label, but they came in a pack of 12 traps) at Giant, but 
recently I saw an ad on tv for another brand of the same thing.  So I 
would suggest getting that.  I do not know whether  you will find them 
at Giant or Safeway or whether you will have to go to a hardware store.

By the way, one problem with using chemicals including those contained 
in ant traps is that eventually the target of the chemicals will evolve 
a resistance to them.  Years ago, I got rid of mice using bait 
containing warfarin; later on, I got mice that thrived on warfarin, and 
I had to get another bait.

I just saw Christine's post.  I have not found boric acid effective, but 
if you use it, you really have to keep it dry, and I may not have been 
as good at that as she has undoubtedly been.


John Spurrier wrote:

> Is anyone experiencing a problem with ants this spring? For the first 
> time in 17 years ants have appeared in my kitchen. I understand from 
> conversations with neighbors at the Festival that the
> problem may be widespread. Does anyone have any suggestions?
> Thanks.
> John
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