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The ants are everywhere this year, for some reason. As long as they are outside and are not fire ants, I don't worry about them, especially because they eat aphid goo (fire ants, BTW, have been sighted in southern Maryland). You can buy nontoxic boric-acid type powder that won't harm other living organisms and put a "firewall" around likely parts of your house. You do have to check your work, because if you block off one road, the ants will create another, and as Steve said, you have to replenish after rain. I've not used straight boric acid, and I believe you might have to look at garden centers for the kind of ant powder I bought--it's been some time since I've used it. The garden shop over Falkenhan's (Mill Valley Garden Center, I think) might be able to help you, as well as Valley View.

I too would be interested to know what has brought out the ants this year.

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I had the problem a few years ago.  The first time, I found the anthill 
and poured lots of boiling water on it.  That got rid of the ants that 
year (but I have since read that it is very damaging to the soil).

When the ants came back the next year, boiling water did not work.  But 
I bought some Combat ant traps that were designed to go outside (with 
plastic stakes).  That got rid of the ants that year.

They came back again another year, and I found the anthill next door 
(while my neighbor was out of the country), and I put Combat in her yard 
and got rid of the ants.

Since then, I have not seen Combat outdoor ant traps (I forget what was 
on the label, but they came in a pack of 12 traps) at Giant, but 
recently I saw an ad on tv for another brand of the same thing.  So I 
would suggest getting that.  I do not know whether  you will find them 
at Giant or Safeway or whether you will have to go to a hardware store.

By the way, one problem with using chemicals including those contained 
in ant traps is that eventually the target of the chemicals will evolve 
a resistance to them.  Years ago, I got rid of mice using bait 
containing warfarin; later on, I got mice that thrived on warfarin, and 
I had to get another bait.

I just saw Christine's post.  I have not found boric acid effective, but 
if you use it, you really have to keep it dry, and I may not have been 
as good at that as she has undoubtedly been.


John Spurrier wrote:

> Is anyone experiencing a problem with ants this spring? For the first 
> time in 17 years ants have appeared in my kitchen. I understand from 
> conversations with neighbors at the Festival that the
> problem may be widespread. Does anyone have any suggestions?
> Thanks.
> John
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