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Hi all...I have had a TERRIBLE ant problem this year, too. A couple of other people that I talked to at the festival this weekend said the same thing.   Atlantic Pest Control has come three times and things seem to be improving.  I had ants (real little ones) coming up the pipes in my second floor bathroom, but they are gone.  Now it is just the kitchen.  There appears to be a path just under out counter that they march to and fro on.  Atlantic charges $175 for a visit and they will come back as many times as you need them to in a 3 month period.  They lay down this glue like stuff this the ants crawl in and take back to the colony.  They also spray outside all around your house.  But I am telling you...it has been ant city around here until recently so if you are having this problem you are not alone.  

To kill them on the spot mix up a couple of 3 tablespoons of Dr. Bronner's peppermint castille soap with 16 oz water in a spray bottle.  Spray them and they die right on the spot!  It is non-toxic and because it is soap, you are cleaning anything you wipe the ants off of.

If anyone finds out why we are having such a problem, do let me know.


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I'm also having lots of ants.  I have never had them before.  I wonder what 
the mechanism is for them appearing.  Something to do with the strange spring?


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>Is anyone experiencing a problem with ants this spring? For the first time
>in 17 years ants have appeared in my kitchen. I understand from
>conversations with neighbors at the Festival that the
>problem may be widespread. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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