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I'm delighted that Steve mentioned this Prostate Screening he noticed in the 
newspaper.  I wholeheartedly agree with Steve's endorsement and encouragement 
in this regard.

I have been getting annual Prostate Screenings for 6-7 years now.  So far so 
good, ...and if anything develops I'll know early enough to pursue the best 
course of action.

It's just something that "older gentlemen" must attend to.

If anyone would like to discuss any of the particulars of a screening further 
please feel free to contact me, ...I'd be glad to fill you in on any 
particulars you might be wondering about.

Regards, Arjay (410-662-0446)

>===== Original Message From Stephen J Gewirtz <gewirtz at bellatlantic.net> 
>I see in today's Sun that free screening for prostate cancer is
>available tomorrow and Friday.  Prostate cancer in men is now as common
>as breast cancer is in women.  I assume that what is offered is a PSA
>(prostate specific antigen) blood test and a digital rectal exam (the
>physician will cover his finger with a latex glove that has vaseline on
>it, and he will stick his finger in your rear end to feel your prostate
>to see if it is abnormally enlarged).  The DRE is not pleasant, but it
>is necessary to detect prostate cancer.
>As a survivor of prostate cancer who was treated at the Johns Hopkins
>Kimmel Cancer Center, I urge all men over 40 in the neighborhood who
>have not been screened within the last year by their own physicians to
>take advantage of this opportunity.  My cancer was caught by my
>internist in my annual physical.
>Prostate cancer is very treatable if detected early, and you can live
>for a long time after treatment.  In many cases, if the cancer is
>sufficiently non-aggressive, it need only be watched until and unless it
>turns aggressive.  But if it is more aggressive (as mine was), it needs
>to be treated by radiation or by surgery.  I was told that I could
>probably go about 10 years without problems if it was not treated; since
>I expect to be around for a lot longer than 10 more years, I got
>radiation treatment.
>If the screening does show the likelihood of prostate cancer, you will
>need a biopsy to determine whether the cancer is actually present and if
>so, in how aggressive a form it is present.  From that point, you can
>see about treatment.
>> <http://www.baltimoresun.com/>
>>   Prostate cancer screenings available
>> June 8, 2005
>> Doctors are offering free screenings for prostate cancer from 9 a.m..
>> to 5 p.m. tomorrow and Friday in a mobile lab outside the Safeway at
>> 2401 N. Charles St.
>> The "Do it for Dad" drive against prostate cancer is sponsored by the
>> Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, the National Prostate Cancer
>> Coalition and the Family Health Center of Baltimore.
>> Doctors will conduct the two-part testing inside a 39-foot-long
>> Airstream Land Yacht XL. It will include a blood test and a physical
>> exam. Maryland ranks 10th in the nation in incidence of prostate
>> cancer and in mortality.
>> Copyright © 2005, The Baltimore Sun <http://www.baltimoresun.com>
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