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Crystal charlesvillager2002 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 20 14:19:14 EDT 2006

Wow! That's a lot cheaper than I expected!  I can easily sponsor several students with at least two uniforms each to space out clothes washing days.
  I think uniforms are a great idea to help kids focus serious attention on studying.  They're going to find ways to personalize the uniforms anyway -- much as women who wear burkas and chadors will sew a tiny symbol on their hems so that they can identify each other -- but the expression that "the clothes make the man" can be positively applied to students, especially in this day when even 3rd grade girls are wearing makeup and the current equivalent of "hot pants."
  Is there a certain person or office number that I should address the envelope to, besides the general school's address of 2900 Barclay Street, Baltimore, MD 21218  ?
  Thanks for the info!

Wilson <portlight at compuserve.com> wrote:
  I found out that the khaki pants can be purchased for $10. and the polo
shirt for $10. I sent my check to the school and asked that the funds be
used for the uniforms for the school.


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