[Chat] Motor Bikes -watch out!

Kathleen Wilsbach kwilsbach at speakeasy.net
Wed May 2 01:28:03 EDT 2007

I had two anxiety producing experiences with young guys
on those loud motor bikes in the past couple of days.
Late Sunday night (10ish), I was driving from CV to Hopkins
Hospital.  I had just turned from Saint Paul onto Centre St.
As I was waiting at the light, a group of 20-25 of these
things came roaring up behind me.  They wove in and out
of the cars stopped at the light and right through the
intersection even though the light was red and they kept
going against the lights through several intersections
until they were out of sight.

This evening around 7 PM, I was standing at the corner of
Orleans and Caroline waiting to cross the street when
two young guys, one on a regular motor bike and the other
on some sort of three wheel dune buggy looking thing,
came roaring toward me down Caroline.  They went
right through the red light weaving across/through
the moving traffic going down Orleans.  YIKES!

Both times I called 911 and made a report.  I guess
the only good thing is that they are so loud you
can usually hear them coming.  Both incidents I
witnessed were down near Hopkins Hospital but
I have heard that loud unmistakable roar around here too,
late at night.  Please be alert for this crazy, crazy,
death wish, behavior.  I'm very surprised I haven't heard
about someone getting killed already.


Kathleen Wilsbach
kwilsbach at mac.com

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