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Christine Gray langwidge at erols.com
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My recent experience is not nearly so serious, but it was a local “near


I pulled into the Safeway parking lot one afternoon.


The woman whose car was parked in front of mine said that I hit her car, and
she showed me some scratches on her bumper..  


I knew that I had not hit her at all!!  But she insisted on calling the


She told them that I was irate and becoming dangerous.  I was stunned
because nothing at all had happened.  I didn’t know what to do.


So I got in y car to wait for the police.  


After 20 minutes, during which she chatted with friends on her cell phone, I
told her I was going shopping and to get me when the police came.


I mentioned this to the security guard at Safeway.  He said that this was a
common scam and to forget it.  I learned that the scam works like this:
someone tells you that you have damaged their car.  They threaten to call
police, hoping that you will offer to pay them to have their car repaired so
that your insurance won’t go up.



When I came out, I told the woman that I was leaving and I left.  Apparently
it was a scam, for she did not follow or speak.  Fortunately, I was so naïve
that I didn’t offer any money to her!


BTW, she is a young black woman driving a teal green Malibu!!!


(This same thing happened to a friend in the Bolton Hill area.)


Christine Gray 



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Katie wrote: 

This is a report from one of our residents that she asked me to pass on to
all of you.


On Thursday, 4/26/07,around 8pm, my husband was walking west on 25th St.
Four teenage boys started following him.  When he was by the Hollywood
Video, two of them approached him from behind asking for a cigarette.  He
was aware they were following him, and feeling threatened put his back
against the building so they couldn't get behind him.  The two who were
behind came up and the four of them asked for money.  Unsure what to do, he
blustered.  One hit him on the side of his head with his fist, another swung
at him with the stick he was carrying.  At that point a motorist stopped and
asked my husband if he needed any help.  The four teens ran, and he came
home.  We called the police to make a report.  They took the information and
told us they were going to drive around the area looking for the teens.   We
made the report thinking that these boys were out looking for trouble, and
were probably going to harass someone else.


Katie Beltz

Block Leader Coordinator 

Charles Village Community 

Benefits District

410-235-4411 x16

Katie at charlesvillage.org



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