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Wed May 9 05:46:17 EDT 2007

on whether it makes a difference to Exxon where I buy gas:

It makes a difference to me, whether my gas dollars goes toward astonishing 
record profits for Exxon or toward helping out poor folks in Venezuela and 
now, in the US.  And it sure makes a difference to those folks.


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>In my opinion, to boycott a company, you would only be hurting the local
>small business owner. It would have no impact on the big corporation. But 
>if it
>makes you feel better, go for it.
>It would be like me NOT wanting to use my Xerox Digital  Presses one day 
>only running my work on one of our Konica  Minolta Digital Presses on that
>day. "Xerox could care less".
>Thank You:
>Richard Burnham
>Graphic Imaging, Inc.
>An independent family owned & operated small business.
>107 East 25th Street
>Baltimore, MD 21218

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