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Dear Judy,
Un-like home/office printers, cartridges for all of my equipment has to be  
bought from the manufacturer (actually it is part of my service agreements), in 
 my case: Xerox & Konica Minolta. Generic brands are not available for  
Digital Presses, but even if there were it would void any service policies and  
warrantees as well as the quality would not be acceptable. 
Offset presses use conventional ink, ink is somewhat universal in that  there 
are about a half dozen manufacturers (previously 12 or more) in the  
Mid-Atlantic area. Even that, there are several different formulations for the  type 
of press and type of stock that is being used.
Sorry to bore you with printing info, but it may be interesting to note  that 
digital printing at Graphic Imaging, Inc. does not use ink, therefore we  are 
not dependant on the oil companies other than getting to work and delivering  
our work to customers in our autos as well as for energy to heat & cool our  
FYI: I only use BP whenever available (SEE YOU THERE)
--although the Exxon dealer at Howard & 25th does offer good mechanical  
Have a great day---
Richard Burnham
Graphic Imaging, Inc.
Independent Family Owned & Operated
107 East 25th Street
Baltimore Maryland 21218

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