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The only thing that will work is for us to stop using our cars.  Switch to 
public transportation.  If we had supported Jimmy Carter when he wanted to 
improve nationwide mass transportation in the late '70's (one of the reasons Reagan 
got elected with the help of the automobile and oil contributions) we would 
not be in the predicament we are now.

I have been using mass transportation and my feet since the first of the year 
and it is perfectly doable.  If we all did that the powers that be would 
notice and things would change.  But as long as Americans continue their obsession 
with living in the suburbs and shopping at malls with franchises, we will 
continue to be at the mercy of the oil, gas and automobile manufacturers.

I am thinking of starting a group to promote leaving our cars behind with an 
emphasis on pedestrian safety. Does anyone know of an effort that exists 

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