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Linda and Sharon:  There is an organization called One Less Car here in Maryland.  Check it out! www.onelesscar.org.  Dawna

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>Hi Sharon,
>I'm with you.  I got rid of my car about two years ago, and it's really
>worked out well.  I walk to work and shops, use the buses and taxis
>occasionally, and rent a car for a weekend about once a month (about $60
>for 3 weekend days) for some errands and visiting family.  I'm getting a
>lot more healthy exercise and saving tons of money, all while doing my
>part to slow global warming.
>Living where we do, we have the ability to function well without cars
>(depending on where people work).  The Charles, the Rotunda, St Paul St,
>Greenmount, Hampden are all within walking distance.  Buses are easy for
>going downtown or up to Belvedere Square.  An occasional taxi or rental
>is not too expensive when you don't have car maintenance, insurance,
>And one of the best benefits is the lack of stress--so many fewer
>occasions of crazy drivers, not worrying about whether I'll get a
>parking ticket or where did I leave the car; so many more pleasant
>The rise in gas prices will help America change its lifestyle; we must
>change for the sake of the environment and the generations to come.
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>The only thing that will work is for us to stop using our cars.  Switch
>public transportation.  If we had supported Jimmy Carter when he wanted
>improve nationwide mass transportation in the late '70's (one of the
>reasons Reagan 
>got elected with the help of the automobile and oil contributions) we
>not be in the predicament we are now.
>I have been using mass transportation and my feet since the first of
>the year 
>and it is perfectly doable.  If we all did that the powers that be
>notice and things would change.  But as long as Americans continue
>their obsession 
>with living in the suburbs and shopping at malls with franchises, we
>continue to be at the mercy of the oil, gas and automobile
>I am thinking of starting a group to promote leaving our cars behind
>with an 
>emphasis on pedestrian safety. Does anyone know of an effort that
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