[Chat] the Flasher in the Dell

Christine Gray langwidge at erols.com
Wed May 23 10:46:57 EDT 2007

Speaking of crime, I encountered my first flasher yesterday morning in Wyman
Park/the Dell.  It was around 8:00 in the morning.  A black man around 30
flashed-actually stood in the midst of tress and brush-with his pants off.
At first, I thought I had imagined the incident-surely, no one would be
flashing in the Dell!


He then came down the hill, on the BMA side, walked past me and said hello.


He then went up into the woods on the far west side of the park.


He pulled down his pants.  I shouted to him, "You know, you're acting very
strange!!"  He replied twice that he was urinating.  With his pants around
his ankles??


Anyway, I called the police this morning to report it-finally.


Be careful.




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To summarize, if you call 911 and a crime is in progress, then say so.  The
dispatcher needs to know that time is really of the essence.


Katie wrote: 

Dear Crime Alert list members,


After speaking with the Northern Police Department I would like to pass on a


When you are calling 911 to report a crime it is important to know that the
way in which officers are deployed depends on how the dispatcher reports the


If it is a crime IN PROGRESS it is very important to say so to the
dispatcher.  If the clarification between, someone is breaking into my house
and something like my house got broken into today, is not made, the officers
may not respond as quickly because it is not a situation in progress.  


Of course do not ever say that there is a situation in progress if it is not
true, but if it is, it can mean the difference between a 10 minute response
as opposed to a 45 minute response time.  


Also, it is important that you try to make contact with the officer when
they show up to the scene otherwise the officer may not be able to complete
the task they were sent there for.


I hope this helps everyone, not that I expect you all to be calling 911 all
the time, but in case you do, you know the procedure.  




Katie Beltz

Block Leader Coordinator 

Charles Village Community 

Benefits District

410-235-4411 x16

Katie at charlesvillage.org



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