[Chat] race through CV this morning

Linda Forlifer LEF at press.jhu.edu
Mon Jun 22 11:01:49 EDT 2009

I saw nothing notifying us of the footrace on Saturday, which certainly inconvenienced a lot of city dwellers.  I was awakened by the sounds of police blocking off lanes of 33rd Street.  I was at Van Dyke and Bacon on York Rd later in the morning.  The shoe salesman mentioned that he had had difficulty getting to work: the #8 bus had been stopped on Greenmount at 28th, and passengers were told they had to walk up to 36th to get a continuing bus!  The bus riders had no warning, either, and he could have taken a different bus route. 

Somebody in the racing community and/or city govt certainly dropped the ball when they did not let people know to plan ahead for disruption.  We can do that, but we need to know ahead of time about the events and how they will affect us.


>>> Joshua Fruhlinger <jfruh at jfruh.com> 6/20/2009 11:27 AM >>>
Had anyone heard anything in advance about the race through Charles  
Village this morning (Sat. 6/20)?  My wife wasn't able to get to her  
class because all the routes to the south seemed to be blocked.   
Hadn't heard anything on any of the CV lists or in the paper (yes, we  
are among the hold-outs who still get the Sun).


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