[Chat] Kitten/young cat found

a.h.s. boy spud at nothingness.org
Sun Apr 8 11:39:17 EDT 2012

As I arrived home to the 2700 block of Calvert  in the wee hours of Easter Sunday morning (around 2 am), I heard a cat cry from beneath a car parked on the east side of the road.

It's a dark, calico short hair, probably about 1 year old. It had no collar, but seems farily domesticated...once I caught her(?) attention, she wouldn't stop following me, rubbing against my legs, and being generally friendly.

Has claws both front and back, but didn't seem too dirty or mangey, and the pads of her feet were still pretty clean, so I doubt she's been out for long. She ate some food and drank some water, but didn't seem starving. I suspect she may just have inadvertently escaped out an open door this evening or something.

I have her in my basement, segregated from my cats, but if anyone can claim her, or knows who she might belong to, shoot me an email, or call me at 443-420-7470.

Pictures linked below. Please help!




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