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Mon Apr 9 10:45:50 EDT 2012

Hi, everyone,

More likely than not, you have heard the woefully brief coverage of the latest round of fire company closings slated for July 1, 2012.  


Among those companies to be closed is Truck 15 located on Montford Avenue (East Baltimore, just north of JHU Medical campus).  This will necessitate Engine 33 being PERMANENTLY MOVED to that station house and NO LONGER SERVING THE GREATER CHARLES VILLAGE/BARCLAY/HOMESTEAD areas.  While Engine 31 will remain in place, thanks in large part to the wonderful efforts of local politicians, your next closest Engine Company, #33, will be leaving the area.  Response times for emergencies- fire and otherwise- WILL GO UP.  The current station housing Engine 33, at 25th and Kirk Avenues, will still be open, but will only house a Truck Company #5.

So, if you are concerned about the City's continuing efforts to close fire companies, permanently move others, and, overall, to understaff the fire department- YOUR DEFENSE AGAINST FIRES THAT CAN AND DO HAPPEN QUICKLY IN TURN OF THE CENTURY ROWHOMES- than please make some noise and let City Hall- the Mayor and your Councilperson- know how you feel.  

Yes, we as a family have a personal stake in the matter, with Jason having worked in the BCFD for eighteen years, but, you and your family do, too!  During his time in the Department, we have seen A DOZEN companies cut.  

More importantly, collectively, Charles Villagers have already sacrificed their safety in recent past with the permanent closures of Truck Co. 7 (formerly at 3123 Greenmount), Truck Co. 9 (formerly on Roland Ave. in Hampden) and Engine Co. 19 (formerly at Guilford & Mt.Royal Aves.).   Is there another neighborhood in the City that has sacrified so greatly?  Not sure, but it begs the question.

We pay an awful lot in taxes, but are being asked yet again to sacrifice more safety to the City's budget woes.  And the C.V.C.B.D. can't make up for this one folks.  Here's more:


Thanks for considering making some noise with me,

Cathy Goucher

2700 North Calvert St

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