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You did the right thing by calling 311 first and I hope you saved your 
complaint numbers.  The Mayor's Office promises us that if we call 311 and get 
complaint numbers the Mayor's Office will review the 311 calls through the 
CitiStat System and will hold city agencies responsible for not handling the 
complaints in a timely manner.  Before we can report the lack of response to 
the Mayor's Office we will need the location of the dead tree, the dates and 
times of the 311 calls, and the complaint numbers so that they can 
investigate the reason for the failed response.  Please provide that information to 
me and the CVCA Sanitation/Beautification Committee will make the necessary 
inquiries and we will add your location to the committee's list of dead tree 
removal requests for followup.

Once you tell me where the tree is located, we will copy our city 
councilperson for that District who can also assist us with any nonresponsiveness.

Once the dead tree is removed, the same process must be followed to get the 
stump grinded and a new tree planted because they are all done on separate 
work lists and by separate supervisors.  You should make 311 calls and keep 
complaint numbers and dates for each of the 3 steps. 

Once the 311 call is made, the complaint number recorded, and all info 
forwarded to me, we contact Forestry for followup on requests for removal of 
dead trees and for followup of new tree planting requests. The list for spring 
planting is closed but they are taking requests for fall planting now.  We 
have already requested the planting of 3 new trees on the Fall list and there 
is room for more, if the treewells are ready for planting.

We also work with a volunteer group known as the Charles Village Tree 
Stewards which seeks grant money to rent equipment to make new tree wells and to 
enlarge current tree wells to accommodate growing trees. This volunteer 
group, led by Peter Duvall, also works with Forestry Dept to assist with the 
planting of new trees.  When they are able to do so, they pick up trees from 
the City and plant them where needed as a way to get more trees planted than 
the City can do on its own. So we share our list of new tree planting 
requests with the Tree Stewards so that we are always on the same page, or we try 
to be.  The Tree Stewards are planning a tree well creation and enlargement 
day on Saturday, April 28 but they are not planning to plant any new trees 
until the Fall because of the dry conditions.

Once the new tree is planted, the neighbors nearest must keep it watered We 
have seen many trees recently planted die because of neglect. 

If you would like our help, please provide me with the information 

Sharon L. Guida, CVCA Sanitation/Beautification Committee

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> Hi Kathleen,
> The Baltimore City forester is Erik Dihle.  I don't know his contact
> info.
> You might get a response from our longtime neighbor on Abell Ave, Beth
> Strommen--she's director of the Baltimore Office of Sustainability:
> Phone: 410-396-8360
> beth.strommen at baltimorecity.gov 
> Linda
> >>>Kathleen Hruska <kshruska at mac.com> 4/12/2012 5:24 PM >>>
> Similarly, does anyone know who to contact at the city about
> removing/replacing a tree from a public sidewalk tree well?  My neighbor
> and I have called 311 repeatedly about a tree doing poorly in front of
> our houses and have gotten no action.
> Thanks!
> Kathleen
> On Apr 12, 2012, at 11:29 AM, Dawna Cobb <dawnacobb at gmail.com> wrote:
> >Hi all: I am looking for a good tree removal company.  If you can
> recommend one, let me know!  Thanks, Dawna
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