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I do not know anything about how the homeowners tax credit works.  It is 
for families with low incomes, and I think that you have to apply each 
year.  I do know that if you get the homeowners tax credit, the State 
reimburses the City and CVCBD for the amount of your credit.

As to the homestead tax credit, you were approved 4/16/2012.  To check, 
go to http://sdatcert3.resiusa.org/rp_rewrite/ , use the pull down menu 
to get BALTIMORE CITY, click on Street Address, and put in your 
address.  Note that you should put in the bare minimum for your street, 
i.e. North Calvert Street should be typed in as calvert (it makes no 
difference whether you use upper or lower case or a mix), and East 30th 
Street should be typed as 30th.  At the very bottom of the page for your 
property, it will show your Homestead Application Status.

As far as I know, nothing is sent out about whether your homestead tax 
credit is approved, but as noted above, it is easy to check it online.

As I understand it from what appeared in the Sun, if you got the 
homestead tax credit on your bill last July, you will get it on your 
bill this coming July.  But if you have not applied by the end of 
December, you will not get the homestead tax credit in July, 2013,

Note too that we will all be reassessed in December, 2013.  I have no 
idea whether assessments will go up or down then.  But because of the 
homestead tax credit, most of us are paying a lot less than we would if 
we paid the full tax on our assessments.  Our effective assessments are 
based on the fact that in December, 2004, we had very low assessments 
compared to the assessments since then.  Starting with those low 
assessments (which, if I remember correctly, were higher than our 
assessments in December, 2001 and were phased in over 3 years from 2005 
to 2007, so that we had low assessments as of July, 2007), our effective 
assessments for City and CVCBD tax purposes went up 4% each year even 
though our actual assessments were much higher.  Our effective 
assessments will continue to go up 4% each year until they catch up with 
our actual assessments.  So for us long time homeowners, City and CVCBD 
taxes will continue to go up 4% each year for a while regardless of what 
happens to our actual assessments.

Note that the effective assessments for State real estate tax purposes 
go up 10% per year until they catch up with the actual assessments.

Of course, if anyone neglects to file the homestead tax credit form by 
December, the tax in July, 2013 may be extremely high.


On 4/25/2012 2:09 PM, judy wrote:
> How long should it take before I hear anything about the status of my 
> homestead tax credit and homeowners tax credit?
> Judy
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