[Chat] PDAs

Crystal Chat@charlesvillage.info
Mon, 14 Apr 2003 10:58:16 -0700 (PDT)

I was using the Target website to send a wedding gift.

I used a Handspring PDA (Personal Data Assistant?) for
a year and a half, but when my work computer was
upgraded, it wouldn't "synch" anymore because of
something in my computer so I've been back to pen &
paper for another year and a half. I suppose I should
try a new model.

Considering that Justin and I just cleaned out the
garage yesterday and it needed to be cleaned out when
we moved in a year ago, it may be awhile before I have
time to compare PDAs and choose one.

In other news, have you noticed the new half-round bit
of brick around the baby maple tree in front of the
Verizon station on 31st street? Hopefully, another
half will turn up to match it ...



--- Emil Volcheck <volcheck@acm.org> wrote:
> Sorry to hear about the stolen credit card number,
> Crystal.
> Do you know which vendor had the lapse in security?
> > Also, if you have a planner that "is my life",
> it's a
> > very good idea to make a full photocopy of the
> whole
> > book at least once and then copy any pages with
> new
> > notes once a month.
> > 
> Or you could use a password protected PDA as a
> personal
> organizer and back it up regularly.  Good PDAs are
> getting
> so cheap it's worth considering.  I still use a
> Newton
> MessagePad for notes and checklists.
> --Emil

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