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I appreciate your kind offer.  As soon as I get over there and get a feel for the conditions, I will send a message back to let eveyone know what we might need and how best to send items over.  We were told mail might take 2-3 weeks to arrive.

Yes, I am hoping Sadaam quickly sees the light and leaves Iraq.


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From: fred furney <fred_furney@yahoo.com>
Date: Wednesday, March 19, 2003 9:04 am
Subject: Re: [Discussion] New address overseas

> is there any types of things that you would like sent to you, like 
> food or health supplies?
> let me know. perhaps i could send some things for the people you 
> are there with. i hope you all come home safe and lives lost can 
> be minimized. 
> maybe we could get a fund up in CV to send soldiers some things 
> that they need. 
> william.schlegel@us.army.mil wrote:
> Here is a short article I wrote for a newsletter at work. I have 
> now been told it is almost certain I will deploy on 3/20. if that 
> changes I will let you know.
> Brad
> Greetings from Fort Dix, then the desert!!
> I joined the Army Reserve system in 1970, as a member of the 
> Delaware National Guard, where I learned to climb telephone poles 
> and install field communications systems. In 1975, I transfered to 
> the Army Reserve and became an Intelligence Analyst. In 1982, I 
> attained the rank of Warrant Officer One and, after several unit 
> changes, attained my current rank of Chief Warrant Officer Four in 
> 1997. Until this deployment, I was a member of the Army Technical 
> Control and Analysis Augmentation Detachment at Fort Meade, 
> Maryland, where I served as the unit Security Officer and a 
> Signals Intelligence Team Chief.
> For the next year I am a member of Alpha Company/325th MI BN, 
> normally stationed at Fort Devens, MA. We will be deploying in 
> support of the 205th MI Brigade sometime before 3/31/03. I cannot 
> say exactly where I will be serving, but I expect there to be a 
> lot of sand, sun, and a hot, dry climate. 
> I can take very few personal items with me, as I am only allowed 
> two duffel bags and a small rucksack. Most of these are filled 
> with mandatory items I need to bring, to include two chemical 
> protective suits and related decontamination material. In case of 
> a chemical attack, I need to be able to "mask" within 9 seconds 
> and be prepared to put on the rest of the outfit within 8 minutes. 
> I will also be carrying seven 30-round magazines of ammunition for 
> my M-16 in my battle vest, which I wear over top of my 12-pound 
> flak vest. After several weeks of wearing all of this equipment, I 
> should be have shed at least 20 pounds off my body.
> I sincerely appreciate all the notes of support many of you have 
> sent me, including people I have never met. If you want to send me 
> a note while deployed, you may continue using e-mail, but I may 
> not have the access that I have now. If you want to write, my 
> address after 3/31/03 will be:
> CW4 Schlegel, William
> V CORPS, 205th MI Bde, A Co/325th MI BN
> APO, AE 09302-1372
> Regular first classs rates apply.
> My e-mail address wil be william.schlegel@us.army.mil.
> Sincerely,
> CW4 Brad Schlegel (the Army makes me use William)