[Chat] getting to I-70

Andre Barnett barnettandre at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 2 21:15:17 SGT 2004

There's also,

going out W. 29th street
to Druid Park Lake dr.
left onto Gwynn Falls Pkwy
Right onto Windsor Mill rd
Left onto N. Forest Park ave
At this point I think you go across Security Blvd (road chages to Ingleside)
Onto I-70 ramp


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>NW on University Parkway to Northern Parkway.
>W on Northern Parkway past Pimlico Race Course to Liberty Road.
>W on Liberty Road to 695 the Beltway.
>S on 695 Beltway past Security Blvd. to 70W.
>W on 70.
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> >What is your favorite (?!) way of getting to I-70 from Charles Village?
> >I've tried three different ways in the year that we've lived here, and
> >I'm not thrilled with any of them.  Yesterday we took North Ave to
> >Hilton Pkwy south to Edmondson, but parts of North Ave made me feel
> >unsafe, especially if I were alone.  On our return route back into the
> >city, we took 70 to the beltway south to 95 to 395, but that seemed very
> >much out of the way. Your suggestions?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Sarah
> >
> >
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