[Chat] help newcomer pls

Crystal cver1001 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 2 13:49:31 SGT 2004

Hi Charsky,

Welcome to the neighborhood! I used to live in
Schenectady, near Central Park.

I second Christine's suggestions. I've stopped in at
The Charles Village Pub and Rocky Run for a drink or
two and never had any hassels. 

You didn't ask about Diners, but in case you're
looking for one -- I've been to Diner which is pretty
close to you at the corner of 25th and Maryland (or is
it Howard?)a few times. That's where Didon and I saw
John Waters having breakfast a few weekends ago.

My favorite Diner is Papermoon at 227 W 29th Street.
They stayed open during the big snows last winter.



--- Charlene293 at aol.com wrote:
> where can gal from schnectady temp living 2600 blk
> st paul have drink w/o 
> hassel?
> good landromat in walk distence?
> card store? 
> dogpoop law here?
> thanks
> charlene ostrovsky "charsky"

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