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Steven Rivelis srivelis at campaignconsultation.com
Thu Feb 12 15:58:11 SGT 2004

RE: CV Parade in Jeopardy ... Your Chance to Save It!

Dear Neighbors and Charles Village Fans,

For the past seven years, I have had the pleasure and honor of helping
to organize the Charles Village Parade. Working on this award-winning
event - voted Baltimore's Best - has been one of the high points of each
year for me.

Unfortunately, this year due to family health and other personal
matters, I am unable to provide the time and leadership needed to
organize the parade this year. 

As such, the parade is in jeopardy. Unless someone steps forward soon to
serve as Parade Committee Chairperson the parade will have to be
suspended. So please consider volunteering for this most rewarding

I can provide you with all the necessary organizing materials, including
the data base, worksheets, task time lines, as well as templates for
applications, flyers, and thank you letters.

All you would need to do is convene a small working group about 6 times
between mid-February and early June to conduct the outreach, review the
applications, and organize the event on parade day. I can walk you
through all of these steps.

If you or anyone else you know is interested in providing the leadership
for this fun-filled, community building event ... please call me
immediately to discuss the details and how best to get started.


Steven Rivelis

410.243.7979 x 11

PS. I hope you help save the Charles Village Parade. 

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