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I forgot to mention there are also small and large lockers at the hostel
to store your belongings while you are away, if needed.
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Last weekend I had the opportunity to stay in the Washington DC
International Youth Hostel (at K St & 11th, just north of New York Ave)
with a group of musicians from Belgium.  At just $20-23 per night, the
hostel is clean, well-staffed, and quiet.  There are eight or nine
floors and each floor has about six rooms, a pay phone, and a bathroom.
The room in which I stayed had four bunk beds, a mirror, and an air
conditioner.  As is customary in most international hostels, they
provide every guest with their own bed linens and a towel.  The building
has a dining room, kitchen, snack machines, and a conference room.  The
hostel is just a few blocks north of Metro Center.
I mention all of this because I'm sure many of you have experienced
those odd few days when work calls you to a conference in the DC area.
You leave the conference late in the day, commute back to Baltimore,
then have to be back at the conference early the next morning.  I
thought the hostel would be an excellent alternative to all of that
commuting.  It's close to the Metro, inexpensive, and clean. 
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