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I took my niece to Beijing last May for a few weeks, and it is very easy to
get around.  We stayed at the Raffles Hotel (great location - walk to almost
anything) with subway close by and easy to learn and use to get you around
the city.  


The hotel hooked us up with a private car and driver to get to a more remote
part of the Great wall that is not so busy...about a 2 hour car ride each
way.  That way, you can stop when you see something you want to visit, and
the driver was so impressive, we hired him several times again to visit
places we wanted to see, or even for a day around the city (traffic is very
crowded, but nobody ever honks a horn).  I think the 9 hour car rental with
driver cost something like $120!  The super high speed trains will wisp you
to Shangri in no time: make sure you reserve them in advance.  I wish we had
them here in the States (they were written up in Vanity Fair about 6 months


Also, I've learned to pack clothes you are tired of, and leave them for the
maids.  You'll buy so many clothes, its not worth bringing back your older
clothes to the States.  I also buy a suitcase there (or two) or pack one
inside the other going over.  The Zoo market opposite the zoo (also worth
visiting) is a blast.  Crowded, but bargains galore.  Also try the silk
market, and by all means have lots and lots of clothes made for yourself! 


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Hi all: My husband and I are going to China in the fall to visit our son who
will be studying in Bejing.  We want to explore other cities, too and wonder
how easy it is to do on your own.  We are open to taking a tour if it is
small and involves walking, hiking, biking, etc.  If you have any
suggestions let me know.  Thanks! Dawna

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